See how you can benefit from using HR Analytics

New Regulatory Project

Company A is a supplier of software that is installed in hospitals across the country. The company just got requirements for a new regulatory project that must be completed by January 1. Hospitals will be subject to heavy fines if they don't comply.

The project involves gathering and analyzing a lot of data to generate a monthly report.


As it is vital to the consumers, internal and external resources will be used. Internal resources might be used at the expense of other projects. 

regulatory document

Agile Company

agile meeting

Company D is a healthcare company that wants to use Agile in its IT and business departments. The goal is to get fast feedback loops and spread out the responsibilities. The teams should be dynamic, and people should take on the responsibilities that are needed at every phase of the project.

Let's look at how it is mostly done.

Annual Review

The company has many departments. Every department has multiple teams. At the end of the year, several people from every department need to be selected for promotions. How do you compare people in different departments? What if they don't have much in common?


Let's look at the traditional approach and VA Analytics approach.

annual review