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What is VA One Analytics?

VA One Analytics changes the way companies manage resources. It provides information formerly hidden from the business. Information about the achievements of every person, their skills, experience, and dependability. It's all based on data and not on a subjective opinion of managers and peers.

Don't Lose Your Best People

How many times have we seen this? A contractor’s contract is ending in weeks. Another team is actively looking for a person with very similar qualifications. The two are at the same company but under different management. Usually the following happens later: the person leaves, another team invests a significant amount of money and time to hire a new person.

That’s how it is mostly done at medium-sized and large corporations. Usually, the company tries to solve that problem by encouraging candidates to apply for jobs using internal websites. There are some disadvantages:

  1. It requires the contractor to be very proactive. They need to constantly check the website

  2. Nothing can be done by the hiring manager to facilitate the process.

  3. The process usually takes between weeks and months.

There should be a system in place where the hiring manager can find all the contractors, their details and the end dates of the contracts. VA One Has It All:

Contact Dates

Evaluation by VA One

Resume Built by VA One

Extension Status

Reviews by Managers


* Only public information is available to the hiring manager (configurable). Other information is only shared with HR.

Know who you have

Looking at external resources, you see candidates’ resumes and where they have highlighted their skills and experience necessary for the job. The information that is generated by the company is enough to build similar profiles for the internal candidates.

Using VA One Analytics, you can search for resources at your company just as you would online for candidates. Select only the technology that you need and the necessary experience to get the job done. The database is updated automatically, and your people cannot modify it.

find recources at your company
find recources at your company

Automatic Talent Discovery

Find future and current leaders within every project and department of your company. VA One Analytics analyzes multiple internal data sources to find people seen as leaders, irrespective of their titles, and people who are active in the pursuit to become leaders.

Working Together
be agile

Build Efficient Agile Teams

VA One Analytics identifies the personalities of your personnel. Using multiple tests, it can tell who should be included in the high-performance teams. Over time, as VA One Analytics gets new data, it identifies changing roles in the team.

build teams

Find the resources that you need right at your company without going to the market. External candidates have resumes with details of their experience; why not have the same details about your people?

be agile
build teams

Mitigate Projects Risks

Every person at the company is assigned a dependability index. It is calculated based on the data gathered by VA One Analytics and shows how much your company depends on an individual contributor.

Management can generate a report to evaluate the risk associated with being too dependent on particular individuals. At that point, it can be determined whether the project is important enough to make changes, such as introducing knowledge-sharing sessions, adding resources to the team, etc.

person dependency
person dependency

Know What You Have

Use VA dashboards to see exactly what technologies each team is employing. Every project is automatically added to VA One Analytics.

Evaluate risks associated with every technology, including personnel risk. If the technology is new, and there is no other team that has people familiar with it, management can take steps to mitigate the risks.

Typing on a Computer

Use Cases

Regulatory Project

Company A is a supplier of software that is installed in hospitals across the country. It just got requirements for a new regulatory project that must be completed by January 1.


Organizational structure is similar for teams as for data. The teams have resources that are not shared with anyone. The importance of projects does not matter much, and teams mostly use their resources without considering the company's needs.

Annual Review

Every company has a formalized annual review. It exists so the employee can progress in learning as well as their careers. The company can also reward its best performers. Let's look at how the review is mostly done and how it can be based on data.